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We are medical physicists experienced in the field of radiotherapy, specialized in the development and implementation of new treatment technology. Through our organization, we hope to facilitate the spread of advanced treatment techniques, both in large university centers and in smaller centers. We devote our resources to on-site implementation on one hand, and research and development on the other hand. We find it to be an excellent mix between doing something interesting and doing something useful.


7Sigma was founded by Ann Van Esch, Dr Sc and Prof. Dominique P. Huyskens, Dr Sc in 2004. Over the years, we have performed implementations in more than 70 radiotherapy departments. While Dominique has now changed his career path, Ann passionately continues the quest. Grateful for the confidence the clients keep showing in our organisation, she will continue to strive to live up to their expectations.


is doing it right

when no one is looking.


Henry Ford

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