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Our services range from on-site commissioning of new treatment units to the implementation of the most advanced treatment techniques.


7Sigma can perform the commissioning services with only very limited assistance from the on-site physics team. However, we prefer to work in close collaboration with the physicists to ensure optimal communication, knowledge and information transfer. Experience has taught us that this is more beneficial in the long term, ensuring smooth follow-up and efficient future upgrades. Except when deemed necessary or useful, all measurements are therefore also performed using the local equipment.

For the implementation of advanced treatment techniques close collaboration with the on-site team is obviously mandatory and our primary focus. 

Although 7Sigma can provide services for a diversity of treatment units and treatment planning systems, we specialize primarily in the Varian solution.

The price of 7Sigma commissioning and implementation services is fixed beforehand based on the time estimate needed to successfully complete the mission. 

The best interest

of the patient

is the only interest

to be considered.

Dr. William J. Mayo

Commissioning and validation of a treatment unit for the Eclipse TPS


Clinical implementation of IMRT/RapidArc treatments


Clinical implementation of SRS RapidArc/HyperArc treatments


Clinical implementation of advanced breast treatments


Tailor-made assistance

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